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22. Sep 2012 | Images © Paco Roca | Artists | by robin
Spanish comic artist Paco Roca (Francisco José Martínez Roca) is rather unknown outside Spain. Born 1969 in Valencia he studied art and began his carreer working in advertisement. His first comic strips were published in the Spanish magazines "Kiss Comix" and "El Víbora". Roca belongs to a new generation of European comic book artists who make frequent and elaborate use of graphic novels to work on social and cultural issues. His work covers Spain's history marked by civil war and dictatorship but he also shows a huge interest in up-to-date developments of Spanish society. His stories are mostly based on real life characters and events. In is graphic novel "Arrugas" (Wrinkles), published at Astiberri in 2007 he covers the story of Emilio in a sensitive, humourous but also very earnest way. Emilio and his friends are living in a home for the elderly and are confronted with Emilio's symptoms of Alzheimer. "Arrugas" earned Roca a National Comic Award in 2008, his animated movie based on the book received two Goya Awards in 2012 for Best Adapted Screenplay und Best Animated Film). In France and Italy he is already a highly acclaimed artist – whereas in Germany Reprodukt is the first publisher to finally issue one of his latest works in German in 2012: "Der Winter des Zeichners" ("El invierno del dibujante"). Based on the background of historical and political developments in the Spain of the late 50s the book tells the story of five talented illustrators who decided to follow their own agenda. In the spring of 1957 they went out to become independent from their former employer, Bruguera publishing house, to create and publish their own magazine. This meant a step towards a turbulent future – as they were about to lose their meagre but steady income – for the sake of getting back their creator's rights and freedom of creativity which so often had been cut down by Bruguera's editors. They became pioneers of "creator owned comic books" in Spain taking a huge step to secure comic book creator's rights and artistic freedom.
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